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The Primal Fusion Diet - Free Introductory Guide - Go Beyond Carnivore, Paleo and Animal Based

The Primal Fusion Diet - Free Introductory Guide - Go Beyond Carnivore, Paleo and Animal Based

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Embark on a Revolutionary Path with the Primal Fusion Diet: Inspired by our Ancestral Heritage, this extraordinary approach goes beyond Carnivore and Paleo principles, introducing unique guidelines to align with our true evolutionary diet. 

The Primal Fusion Diet embraces the essence of our true animal-based diet by utilising a modified carnivore diet, while emphasising the importance of carefully selected, low-toxicity fruits and minimally toxic vegetables. It deviates from traditional Paleo by placing limits on non-animal meats, excluding seeds, minimising nut intake, and encouraging the occasional use of herbs and spices that our ancestors had access to.

By adhering to the Primal Fusion Diet, we reestablish a profound connection with the nourishment that our bodies evolved with and now crave. Embracing seasonal foods and avoiding processed options, we indulge in the simplicity of whole, unadulterated ingredients. Being a ketogenic diet at its core, high-fat meats take centre-stage, providing us with essential nutrients, fuelling our bodies and brains, and nourishing the very core of our being.

As we explore the Primal Fusion Diet, we appreciate the wisdom of our ancestors and we act in a way that aligns with our evolution, as well as returning to our primal way of eating: fasting and feasting, high fat animal meats, sharing and socialising, traditional ways of cooking, and emulating the wider aspects of a primal existence, returning us to a much more natural state.

This transformative journey allows us to rediscover the true potential of our well-being. By nourishing ourselves with the unprocessed bounty of nature, we create a harmonious balance and a profound sense of vitality.

Join the revolution of the Primal Fusion Diet, as we tap into our evolutionary heritage, prioritise our health, and embrace a nourishing lifestyle that resonates with the essence of who we are.

Let us unlock the power of our natural, ancestral existence and pave the way for optimal well-being.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Niko Vitano

Great guide

Denise Cusick
Could not open primal fusion

I would love to dive into the primal fusion guide however unfortunately I was not able to open it. Please advise

Delcia Sorensen

Sorry, I couldn’t download your Primal Fusion Diet Introductory Guide as it wouldn’t open for me.
Delcia Sorensen

Yvette R
Primal Fusion -easier

I read the book very quickly after receiving it. It made total sense as I was feeling good but not great. A bit of stress in the body even while sleeping. So I incorporated a few fruits and even a little rice. Feel much better.

Bryan Beutel
A big step closer to my best health

After a life time of deteriorating health from poor nutrition advise that started with fear of saturated fat and escalated to the food pyramid advise.
A stroke at 51 and then diagnosed heart disease at 53, (with a cac score then of 620) pushed me further down the declining health path of ever increasing prescription medications, cardiology visits and chronic gut issues.
By 59, 3 visits to hospital in the one month prompted a major personal health attitude shift.
I embraced Keto which had amazing results, 25 kg weight loss, elimination of prescription drugs, normalisation of BP, huge knee pain reduction, elimination of gerd just to name a few.
But some issues continued to plague me.
I tried Carnivore diet three times over the next 5 years but it made me feel worse after a few weeks each time! However as an elimination diet I self discovered firstly a dairy A1 Casein protein intolerance and recently a oxilate " dumping" problem that Keto had made worse.
I have embraced the Primal Fusion diet as it makes so much sense.
Particularly the fact that I need so many mineral supplements on Carnivore.
And that oxilates are a major problem.
Also that after 5 years, my hba1c has risen to 5.7 tells me there's a problem.
We need the occasional insulin spike via a feast day to get insulin signalling other important and necessary body function pathways.

So I have embraced the Primal Fusion diet hoping it will address my final issues and help drop my insane (11.3) LDL cholesterol, as some carb re introduction should do.