Work Shouldn't Make You Sick! - Ep 68

Work Shouldn't Make You Sick! - Ep 68


The Carnivore Diet: A Game-Changer for Tradies' Health


Welcome to another episode of the Meat Medic Podcast! Today, our special guest is Jordan, an apprentice electrician from Melbourne who has transformed his life with the carnivore lifestyle. Jordan is passionate about spreading the word to his fellow tradies and everyone else about the benefits of the carnivore diet. In this episode, we'll delve into Jordan's background, his health journey, and the positive impact the diet has had on his physical and mental well-being. Let's dive in!

Jordan's Health Story and the Journey to Carnivore

Jordan has always had a complicated relationship with food. Growing up, he had easy access to sugar, which led to a sweet tooth and struggles with moderation and nutrition. Despite trying various diets, including calorie deficit and counting calories, Jordan found no success in achieving his health goals. It wasn't until he stumbled upon the carnivore lifestyle that things began to change.

After extensive research, podcast listening, and self-reflection, Jordan decided to give the carnivore diet a try. The idea of being able to eat as much as he liked until he was full appealed to him. To his surprise, the results were remarkable, from physical changes like weight loss to mental clarity and improved sleep. Jordan's experience with the carnivore diet motivated him to share his story and make a difference in the tradie industry.

The Impact on Physical Health

Since adopting the carnivore diet, Jordan has experienced several physical benefits. He noticed weight loss, particularly in his face, a change he had never seen before. Additionally, he observed muscle gain and improved sleep quality. One significant change was the eradication of sugar cravings, something he never thought possible. Jordan also found relief from joint and muscle pain, particularly in his knees, wrists, and back.

The Link Between Diet and Mental Health

Mental health is a critical concern for tradies, given the demanding nature of their work. Jordan's experience with the carnivore diet has positively impacted his mental well-being. He feels a greater sense of mental clarity, improved concentration levels, and increased energy throughout the day. Jordan no longer experiences lethargy or tiredness after meals, allowing him to be more focused, productive, and motivated at work. The food he consumes now prioritizes nutrition and has eliminated the guilt and shame associated with unhealthy eating habits.

The Importance of Nutrition in the Trades Industry

Jordan believes that the trades industry needs a shift in perspective when it comes to nutrition. Tradies, who spend a significant portion of their lives at work, should prioritize their health and well-being. However, many tradies neglect their nutrition and develop unhealthy habits centered around junk food and sugary drinks. Jordan feels that it is the responsibility of experienced tradies to set a positive example for the next generation entering the industry.

Implementing Change in the Trades Industry

Bringing about change in the trades industry requires a multi-faceted approach. Jordan suggests that schools and unions should promote nutrition as a central element of trades education. It's essential to have conversations about healthy eating habits, the dangers of processed foods, and the significance of sleep and stress management. By prioritizing these aspects, tradies can create a work environment that supports optimal health and well-being.

Overcoming Challenges and Inspiring Change

Jordan acknowledges that encouraging change among his fellow tradies can be challenging. Many are resistant to change or skeptical about the benefits of the carnivore diet. To overcome this, Jordan approaches the topic by emphasizing an elimination diet, focusing on whole foods, and eliminating ultra-processed foods. By making small changes and prioritizing nutrition, tradies can begin their journey toward improved health and well-being.

Final Thoughts

Jordan's experience with the carnivore diet has transformed his life and inspired him to advocate for better health practices in the trades industry. Through his personal transformation, he has witnessed the physical and mental benefits of prioritizing nutrition and adopting a whole food diet. While change may be challenging, Jordan believes that by embracing a natural and sustainable approach to food, tradies can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives both on and off the job site.

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