Carnivore 5 month update (with bloods!) Ep - 20

Carnivore 5 month update (with bloods!) Ep - 20

5 months on carnivore diet here's my update, including some of my blood tests! I think you'll agree with me that they show I'm healthy on this lifestyle, and that the carnivore diet really is peak nutrition for our bodies. I'm losing weight, building muscle, feeling amazing, and my sugar addiction is completely resolved.


The Carnivore Diet: My Journey to Better Health and Wellbeing

Introduction: My Carnivore Journey

  • Started strict carnivore diet 5 months ago
  • Inspired by Dr. Anthony Chaffee's talk on plants trying to kill you
  • Benefits of the carnivore diet
  • Importance of self-experimentation
  • Grounding in medical science
  • No fixed belief system

Exploring Different Approaches to the Carnivore Diet

Within the carnivore community, there are various divisions and different approaches to the diet. Some individuals advocate for the "lion diet," which consists of consuming only ruminant animals, salt, and water. On the other hand, there are proponents of including fruits and honey in the diet, like Dr. Paul Saladino. Additionally, Dr. Ken Berry promotes the "proper human diet," which is a variation of the keto and paleo diets.

The Importance of Self-Experimentation

When it comes to the carnivore diet, it's crucial to find what works best for you. Every individual is unique, and what might work for one person may not work for another. Self-experimentation allows you to discover the optimal approach to the diet that aligns with your personal preferences and health goals.

The Raw Carnivore Diet

Some carnivore enthusiasts advocate for consuming raw organ meats and even testicles. While this approach may work for some individuals, it's important to note that cooking food can help eliminate potential pathogens and improve digestibility.

Finding the Proper Human Diet

As a trained medical doctor, I believe that having a grounding in medical science is essential when exploring different dietary approaches. It's crucial to rely on scientific studies, logical thought, and personal experiences to determine the proper human diet that suits your individual needs.

Importance of Finding What Works for You

Ultimately, the key to success on the carnivore diet is finding what works best for you. This may involve experimenting with different variations of the diet, adjusting macronutrient ratios, and listening to your body's signals. It's essential to prioritise your health and well-being by adopting healthy habits and nourishing your body with the right nutrition.

Discovering the Power of the Carnivore Diet

  • Personal experience on the diet
  • Unbelievable benefits: limitless energy, stable mood, improved gut health, clear skin
  • Building muscle on carnivore diet
  • No downsides except for occasional constipation

Unlocking Energy and Motivation on the Carnivore Diet

  • Busy schedule: working 70-80 hours a week

Are you constantly on the go, working long hours, and struggling to find the energy to keep up with your demanding schedule? The carnivore diet may be the solution you've been searching for. Many individuals, including myself, have experienced a significant increase in energy levels since adopting this way of eating. With a diet consisting mainly of beef, bacon, butter, eggs, and water, I have found that my energy levels are through the roof, allowing me to tackle my busy schedule with ease.

  • Maintaining high energy levels

One of the most notable benefits of the carnivore diet is the sustained energy it provides. Unlike other diets that often leave you feeling sluggish and fatigued, the carnivore diet optimises your energy levels by providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function at its best. The high amount of protein and healthy fats in animal products fuel your body and keep you feeling energised throughout the day.

  • Motivation and drive on the diet

Along with increased energy, the carnivore diet has also been shown to enhance motivation and drive. Many individuals, including those with ADHD, have reported feeling more focused and motivated after adopting this way of eating. With the elimination of processed foods and carbohydrates, the carnivore diet supports mental clarity and cognitive function, allowing you to stay motivated and productive even during the busiest of days.

  • Balancing work and family time

Juggling a demanding work schedule and family responsibilities can be challenging. However, the carnivore diet can help you find the balance you need to prioritise both. By maximising your energy levels and mental clarity, you'll be better equipped to tackle your work tasks efficiently, leaving more time for quality family moments. The increased motivation and drive on the diet can also help you stay present and engaged during family time, allowing you to make the most of every moment.

  • Experimenting with ribeye-only diet

If you're looking to take your carnivore experience to the next level, consider experimenting with a ribeye-only diet. While the carnivore diet typically includes a variety of animal products, focusing solely on ribeye steak can provide additional benefits. Ribeye steak is rich in essential nutrients, including protein, vitamins, and minerals, that support optimal health and wellbeing. This experiment can help you further understand your body's response to different variations of the carnivore diet and determine what works best for you.

The Nuances and Challenges of the Carnivore Diet

  • Unanswered questions about the diet
  • Individual variations: weight gain/loss, libido changes
  • Common responses: eat more fat, electrolytes, oxalates
  • Insights from personal experiments and patient interactions
  • Continuing to learn and share experiences

Feeding Kids on a Carnivore-Inspired Diet

  • Kids following a keto-based diet
  • Low vegetable, high animal protein and fat
  • Allowing intuitive eating
  • High fruit content and intuitive choices
  • Theory behind their cravings

Blood Test Results and Progress

  • Personal blood test results

After following a strict carnivore diet for five months, I decided to get some blood tests done to assess my progress and overall health. While my results are not perfect, they are significantly better than they were before starting the carnivore diet.

  • Improvements in CRP, testosterone, triglycerides

I am pleased to report that my C-reactive protein (CRP) levels have decreased by more than half, from over 2.5 to 1.0. Additionally, my testosterone levels, which were initially low, are now within the normal range. My triglyceride levels have also dropped significantly, indicating improved heart health.

  • Importance of regular blood tests

Regular blood tests are essential for tracking your progress and understanding how your body is responding to your dietary choices. They can provide valuable insights into your overall health and help you make any necessary adjustments to optimise your well-being.

  • Upcoming episode on blood test breakdown

In an upcoming episode, I will be providing a detailed breakdown of my blood test results, including information on vitamins, minerals, hormones, and cardiac markers. This episode will offer a comprehensive overview of my health markers and provide further insights into the effects of the carnivore diet.

  • Encouragement to subscribe and follow for updates

If you're interested in learning more about my carnivore journey and staying updated on my progress, I encourage you to subscribe to my podcast or follow me on social media. I will be sharing more information, tips, and experiences to help you on your own health journey.

Conclusion: Commitment to the Carnivore Lifestyle

  • Commitment to continue with the carnivore diet

After five months on the carnivore diet, I am fully committed to continuing this way of eating. The incredible benefits I have experienced, including limitless energy, stable mood, improved gut health, and clear skin, have convinced me that this is the optimal diet for me. I have found success with the simplicity and ease of the carnivore lifestyle, and I have no intention of going back to my previous eating habits.

  • Overcoming addiction to sugar and carbs

One of the main reasons I have chosen to stick with the carnivore diet is because it has helped me overcome my addiction to sugar and carbs. In the past, I struggled with cravings and found it difficult to maintain a healthy eating pattern. However, the carnivore diet has eliminated those cravings and provided a sense of control over my food choices. I am no longer controlled by my addiction, and I feel empowered to make healthy choices for my body.

  • Maintaining health and preventing potential health issues

By continuing with the carnivore diet, I am prioritising my health and taking proactive steps to prevent potential health issues. The improvements I have seen in my blood test results, including lower CRP levels, improved testosterone levels, and reduced triglycerides, indicate that this way of eating is beneficial for my overall wellbeing. I am determined to maintain these health improvements and ensure a long, healthy life.

  • Ongoing experimentation and learning

As I journey through the carnivore lifestyle, I am committed to ongoing experimentation and learning. I understand that every individual is unique, and what works for me may not work for others. By staying open-minded and continuing to explore different variations of the diet, I can uncover the optimal approach that suits my individual needs and preferences. I am excited to see what new insights and discoveries lie ahead on this carnivore journey.

  • Importance of support and community

I recognise the importance of having support and a sense of community while following the carnivore diet. Connecting with like-minded individuals who share similar experiences and challenges can provide encouragement, motivation, and valuable insights. Whether it's through online forums, social media groups, or local meetups, I will actively seek out and contribute to the carnivore community. Together, we can support and inspire each other on this path to optimal health and wellbeing.

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