Animal Based Diet vs Strict Carnivore - which is best? Ep 46

Animal Based Diet vs Strict Carnivore - which is best? Ep 46

Exploring the Carnivore Diet: Insights from Rory McDonagh's Journey

As a medical professional deeply invested in the exploration of dietary impacts on health, I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with Rory McDonagh, a young entrepreneur and an ardent advocate of the carnivore diet, on my podcast, "The Meat Medic." Rory's firsthand account of his dietary transition and the profound health benefits he has experienced provides a fascinating case study for anyone interested in the potential impacts of a meat-centric diet on overall well-being.

Rory's Carnivore Diet Journey

Rory, at just 19 years old, has journeyed through various dietary landscapes, from vegetarianism to a standard Western diet, and most recently, to a strict carnivore diet. His transition was driven by a quest for optimal health, which he believes he's now closer to achieving than ever before. On a strict diet of beef, lamb, eggs, water, salt, and grass-fed butter, Rory reports significant improvements in his physical and mental health.

Physical Benefits: A Leaner, Stronger Self

Rory's switch to a carnivore diet led to an unexpected reduction in body fat, despite already being slim. This change came without the loss of strength, a common concern in weight loss narratives. Contrary to popular belief, Rory found that his gym performance improved, with better recovery times and increased strength, suggesting that his diet might be enhancing his muscle efficiency and overall physical resilience.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Beyond the physical, Rory shared insights into how his diet has positively affected his mental health. He describes an overwhelming positivity and a more optimistic outlook on life, attributing these changes to the diet's impact on his energy levels and mental clarity. This, he believes, has also played a crucial role in his entrepreneurial success with "The Carnivore Crate," a business focusing on delivering high-quality meat to fellow carnivore diet enthusiasts.

Skepticism and Societal Impact

Despite the personal benefits, Rory acknowledges the skepticism surrounding the carnivore diet, particularly the debate around ketosis and its long-term effects on the body. His approach is one of open-mindedness and willingness to adapt, suggesting a balanced view in the often polarised diet discourse. Moreover, Rory's engagement in activities like bow hunting and his efforts to foster community through his business and social ventures reflect a broader desire to connect more deeply with the sources of our food and with each other, challenging the modern disconnection from nature and community.

The Future of Rory's Dietary Experimentation

Looking ahead, Rory plans to continue experimenting within the carnivore diet framework, considering reintroducing certain foods like raw dairy while monitoring the effects on his health. His journey underscores the importance of personalisation in diet, the value of self-experimentation, and the need to listen to one's body.


Rory's experience with the carnivore diet offers valuable insights into the potential health benefits and challenges of this dietary approach. His story is a reminder of the complexity of human health and the need for individualised approaches to diet and wellness. As we continue to explore the impacts of various diets on health, stories like Rory's provide a compelling case for the carnivore diet's place in the conversation.

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